The Smither Park Memory Wall - Section 4

"Anything is Possible"

c. 2013-2017

Designed & Constructed by: Corazon Rodriguez


Corazon has been developing her artwork since she was a child in Mexico. Her mother, Dr. Ivonne Govea, was a pupil of master muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros and collaborated with many artists, including sculptor Octavio Ponzanelli. Corazon learned many techniques she still uses today from observing these artists. These skills, along with inspirations from nature, other cultures and her family, translate into her work. Corazon has been quoted as saying: “My artwork is an interpretation of a parallel universe in which the emotions overcome the reality of average circumstances. When people view my artwork I like them to connect to my understanding, in the exchange of the conception they perceive towards my artwork.”


Corazon is the founder of the D’Vintage Code Art Company.