The Smither Park Memory Wall - Section 3

"Buffalo Bayou Boogie"

c. 2013

Designed & Constructed by: Mary Anne & Charles Fried


For over 25 years we lived very close to Buffalo Bayou and took many walks along it, both day and night. On our walks we were very often lucky to see wildlife. We joked that if you went down late enough at night you’d see the animals having a party and that is what we have tried to depict on this panel. It was fun deciding which animals to show and what instruments they would play. This was our first mosaic (aside from a planter for our patio) and we learned from Dan Philips and all the other artists at the park who generously advised us as we went along. Fun facts: the hat on the armadillo is modeled after the one worn by Texas musician Stevie Ray Vaughn, there are some of our souvenirs embedded in the guitar, and the racoon’s boots are modeled after ones worn by our son.


It took us about a year of Saturdays to complete the panel.