The Smither Park Memory Wall - Section 3


c. 2012

Designed & Constructed by: R. Blake Miller


Me-Owie was a beautiful Siamese kitten that a friend brought in from the streets of Montrose during the summer of 2012. We took care of each other, and she brought me many cockroaches as offerings to our friendship. I left Me-Owie with another family on our dead-end street before moving to New York, and I see her from time to time on the porches of the few remaining Craftsman-style homes in the neighborhood. Her big blue eyes are represented here with the headlight rims, and the accompanying cockroach is a memorial to Houston’s many, many less-than-delightful creatures that call it home. A broken plate and jail of keys represent the great freedom I feel I gained participating in the project, sorting and “breaking-up” materials in the warehouse. The orange bit is a salute to Jeff McKissack – a man who created and practiced Outsider Art as a form of arts advocacy and civic engagement with this wonderful city.