The Smither Park Memory Wall - Section 3

"Missy the MaddKat"

c. 2011-2014

Designed & Constructed by: Connie Carruthers


Missy, the MaddKat, is a get down to business mama protecting her kitten evidenced by her fierce eyebrows and untamed demeanor. She hails from Alberta, Canada (hence the license plate you’ll see), came for a visit and decided to stay in Texas and Smither Park. She loves text and the viewer is invited to have a good read/look at all the text that surrounds her and the Kitten. The kittens name is BooBoo (named after one of the artists cats who passed away).


The panel was worked on by the artist Connie Carruthers along with Mary Jane Victor (and her little dog Sampson), and Kevin Coflin.


Connie Carruthers is a Calgary/Alberta/Canadian based artist with a fine arts degree from Alberta College of Art and design.