The Smither Park Memory Wall - Section 5


c. 2014-2016

Designed & Constructed by: Barbara & Marks Hinton


Moai are those huge iconic statues from the most remote island in the world: Easter Island. The locals believe they have mystical/spiritual powers and bear witness to the imagination of the ancient inhabitants.


Barbara and Marks first visited Easter Island in 1991 and spent 2 weeks exploring, hiking, studying, meeting artists and the locals under the leadership of archeologist and Easter Island petroglyph specialist, Dr. Georgie Lee. They’ve cruised back to the island several times since. Dr. Lee and other Polynesian scientists had organized an American non-profit in 1989 to promote the study and conservation of the fragile cultural heritage of Rapa Nui (original local name for Easter Island). In 1993, the Foundation needed a new president and Dr. Lee, knowing Barbara’s organizational experience with The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, invited Barbara to join the board as president. During her 10-year tenure, Barbara organized an international conference which featured renowned explorer Thor Heyerdahl and raised the funds needed to establish the world’s largest research library about Easter Island which opened in 2002.