The Smither Park Memory Wall - Section 5


c. 2013-2016

Designed & Constructed by: Gary Williams


The inspiring element for this panel was recognizing NASA and the importance of the Space program.   Space is an enormous part of Houston’s history. 

I was born and raised in central Florida.   I remember in the late 60’ and 70’s going out our front door looking east to Cape Canaveral to watch numerous Saturn 5 rockets launch the Apollo missions.   I was 65 miles away and in awe seeing the exhaust push the rockets skyward.

I am a novice in the art of mosaic and “it has been a challenge”.   However, I am happy with the dark blue atmospheric sky.  I found the oyster shells an immediate option to portray the surface of the moon. The chrome rocket cap and engines were remnants of an IKEA dining room lighting fixture.  The astronauts are salt and pepper shakers. The alien ship is an auto fan clutch.

I am grateful to participate in this inspirational experience at Smither Park.