The Smither Park Memory Wall - Section 2

"Tami's Tulip Garden"

c. 2012-2017

Designed & Constructed by: Esther Lee & Melinda Lee


This mosaic panel was created in honor of the artist’s best friend, Tami Tracy, who passed away in 2008 at the age of 48 from pancreatic cancer. When she would have been 50, Esther and Tami’s daughter planted 50 tulip bulbs at her gravesite since Tami loved gardening. She also loved mosaics, re-purposing and re-cycling. This mosaic is a permanent rendition of the those things with the Tulip symbolizing Tami. Also present in symbolic form are Esther’s grandsons (the Blue Bird of Happiness), Esther (the ladybug), Esther’s husband (the worm), her daughters (the bumble bees), her son-in-laws (tree frog and dragon fly), grandmother (butterfly) and ‘everyone’s favorite aunt’ is represented by the ant.

The garden was designed by Esther and completed with lots of love and help from her daughter, Melinda Lee.